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An issue of burning importance today, where tolerance is often in short supply, is the intersection of faith with other important societal values, like non-discrimination or child protection. For example, some reflexively believe that responding to illicit discrimination against LGBT people is a losing proposition for the faith community. In this winner-takes-all mentality, the rights of some are pitted against the rights of others.

The Tolerance Means Dialogues are public discussions designed to bring together important thought leaders and members of the community to discuss whether there are more constructive approaches to living together in a plural society. Millennials often navigate these issues without conflict or strife and so they are uniquely situated to chart the way forward and to break through impasses.

The inaugural Tolerance Means Dialogue took place in 2017 at University of Pittsburgh School of Law with Professor Wilson and Yale Law Professor William N. Eskridge, Jr. to discuss Religion and Gay Marriage: Do They Have to Be At Odds?

As part of the Tolerance Means Dialogues, undergraduate and graduate students have an opportunity to compete for two Tolerance Scholarships. The students draft 500 word essays on what tolerance means to them, summarized in a closing hashtag #ToleranceMeans that crystallizes their idea.