“I think the way forward is to have people come together and talk about how we live together as one America again. The law is a powerful tool for positive change.” - Robin Fretwell Wilson

Robin Fretwell Wilson is the Associate Dean of Public Engagement (eff. 8. 16. 19) and the Roger and Stephany Joslin Professor of Law at the University of Illinois College of Law and the author of eleven books. Professor Wilson has ranked among the Top Ten Family Law Scholars in the United States for scholarly impact in each ranking done by the Leiter Report since 2010 and continues to head high profile programs such as the University of Illinois’ Epstein Health Law & Policy Program and its Family Law & Policy Program. Professor Wilson also founded and directs the Tolerance Means Dialogues and the Fairness for All Initiative, which are made possible with private philanthropic support. A member of the American Law Institute, Professor Wilson has thrice been honored for her work with lawmakers on innovative laws that address thorny questions, such as how to mesh LGBT rights with protections for religious belief and practice.

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