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University of Illinois Discovery Partners Institute, Chicago, IL

2019 Harry Krause Emerging Scholars Workshop

Harry Krause Emerging Family Law Scholars Workshop

University of Illinois, Discovery Partners Institute, Chicago, IL

Saturday, June 15, 2019

In conjunction with the International Society of Family Law North American Regional Conference, the Family Law and Policy Program at the University of Illinois College of Law—in conjunction with Notre Dame Law School and Bar-Ilam University—is pleased to invite paper proposals for the Harry Krause Emerging Family Law Scholars Workshop. The workshop is named for Professor Krause, who as a member of the Illinois law faculty, mentored many budding family law scholars across a half century of teaching. 

The Workshop will take place on Saturday, June 15, 2019 at the University of Illinois Discovery Partners Institute in Chicago, IL, at the conclusion of the International Society of Family Law North Amerian Regional Conference. The Workshop is designed to assist and mentor emerging scholars in family law and related fields – such as reproductive rights, biomedical ethics, children and the law, law and gender, and law and sexuality – to hone draft papers and works in progress for submission to journals for publication. The Workshop provides not only a mechanism for senior scholars to mentor emerging scholars, but also is an opportunity for emerging scholars writing in these fields to connect with one another.

The Workshop is designed for emerging scholars who have been in tenure track positions for seven years or less. Visiting Assistant Professors, Fellows, Adjunct Professors and lecturers seeking full-time positions as law teachers may also apply.  (For purposes of calculating “seven years or less” of teaching, fellowships, adjunct positions, and lectureships do not count against the total.) 

Working accepted papers not yet finalized for publication may be submitted, as well as earlier drafts where guidance from senior scholars in the field can assist the author. Co-authored papers will be considered as long as one of the authors has been involved in teaching for seven years or less or is seeking law teaching positions.   

The Workshop Committee will consist of Illinois Law Professor Robin Fretwell Wilson, who directs the law school’s Program in Family Law and Policy, and Professors Margaret Brinig, Ruth Halperin-Kaddari, and Marsha Garrison.   

The Workshop can accommodate three scholars. One slot will give preference to an international emerging scholar and one to individuals seeking law teaching positions. 

Abstracts should be no more than two pages or 1000 words in length and sent to Professor Wilson at before Wednesday, May 1, 2019. The Workshop Committee will notify selected Scholars by Wednesday, May 15, 2019

If accepted, the Family Law Program will provide accommodations and meals for the Workshop. Invited scholars are expected to pay their own travel to the University of Illinois, although “modest” travel support will be available to scholars who have no funds from their home institution.