Spotlight Event:

2017 Medicalization of Poverty: Foundation Day & Scholars Workshop | November 2-3, 2017

The Medicalization of Poverty Symposium aims to bring together experts in medicine, law, policy, and ethics to explore the connection between poverty, disease burden, and healthcare expenditures. It is well documented that a number of diseases are strongly linked to poverty, and poverty is a strong predictor of health status. But a second aspect of poverty is less well-explored — that we have medicalized poverty. We spend inordinate amounts of money and other resources to address healthcare needs brought on by poverty instead of providing for the tangible needs of the poor before illness strikes. We treat the symptom, not the problem. This gathering is to consider “How can we do better? And what role can law and policy play?”

Past Events:

2015 Hobby Lobby Symposium

2015 Law Review Symposium on Law, Religion and the Family Unit After Hobby Lobby, with Keynote Address by William Eskridge of Yale Law School

Conference papers form the backbone of  Contested Place of Religion In Family Law, forthcoming from Cambridge University Press in 2018, edited by Professor Wilson. A number of authors also published in the University of Illinois Law Review following the symposium.